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Collection: Suncatchers

I madd my first suncatcher (with random supplies around my shop) in june of 2023. it was pride month and i thought this would be a fun way to show my love and support❤️🧡💛💚💙💜!

MY ENTIRE FAMILY FELL IN LOVE with the way our kitchen and diningroom lit up with dancing rainbows in the afternoon sun! IT WAS MAGICAL!!!! So, of course i had to make MORE!! we needed one for each window! I sourced beautiful glass prisms, chains, charms, and MORE from Etsy, Michaels, Amazon, even Tiktok, and quickly got to work!! 

Each time i’d share a new creation, a friend would reach out asking to buy it.  I loved the idea of my friends and family hanging my art in their windows so i decided to do a little story sale! All 25 suncachters sold out within hours!! So i did another, and another!  And here we are!! 

each suncatcher is one of a kind;  hand made with soo much love, cleansed with positive energy, and charged under a new or full moon. 

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